Frequently 'Answered' Questions

We all seem to ask similar questions when traveling. Here are some of the most asked questions - Answered
Short and concise

Our first family Retreat was back in 2011.  We had our First Official Winter Classic Retreat at Deerhurst Resort.  On average we have anywhere from 800-1200 guests for our Beach & Beyond Vacations and our Winter Classic Retreats

It all depends on availability. The preferred room options are always first to go and when booking flights the longer one waits the more expensive the flights become.  Currently we are experiencing higher than normal interest for 2021 for all our offerings. 

We cater to all ages.  It is a complete family affair, parents, grandparents and children/grandchildren.  At our last Retreat this is how one of our guest who was 65 years old and also a grandmother of 5 spent her day:

7:25am : Fajr Program

8:30am – 10am: Move N Improve


12pm-2pm: Spa

3pm: Bingo ($150 gift certificate up for grabs)

5pm: Dinner

7:30pm: Sat Night Banquet

9pm: Ladies swim 

Mashallah May Allah give her a long, healthy, happy life and even a better one in the hereafter!!

Alhamdulilah we work very hard to put together meaningful children’s programs.  There is a lot for everyone.  Please click here to see more

No program is mandatory to attend.  We strongly encourage everyone to attend the Fajr program, but we understand that with kids many times someone has to stay with them.  Over the years our guests have really loved and appreciated the flexibility of our programming.

No, all meals, drinks, snacks and deserts are all included.

This is a family vacation with all the added benefits that one normally would not get otherwise.  There will be optional programming and learning opportunities for those who want to engage, but that is not our primary goal.  Our Primary goal is to create an awesome comfortable environment that will allow families to enjoy themselves in a private or group setting while not having to compromise on their values.  Many learning opportunities will be available for those who are inspired to take advantage.

No flights are not included in the package.  It is more advantageous for you to book your own flights.

No.  Inshallah we will be waiting at the airport to greet you and we will be providing information on the best way to arrange a transfer from the airport and back well before hand.

The best way to protect your trip is by purchasing third party insurance that also offers definite services with the purchase like Allianz etc.  It can all be done online and it is very easy and affordable.

No, but we encourage you to check with your trusted medical providers for best practices. The Resort checks everyone for Covid symptoms upon arrival.

No, the entire place is exclusively reserved for Husna guests from Dec 18-23 2021

Please click  for our terms of service page. 


Your funds may be transferable to another guest as long as it is 60 days prior to the trip.  However both the airlines and the resort charge us a name change fee, which you will have to carry.

No there are no hidden fees.  Under rare circumstances a “less occupancy fee” may apply.

A less occupancy will apply in the rare case where minimum number of persons needed to occupy a room are not met.  For example if one person would like to have a room entirely to him/her self, an extra fee of $300 for the entire stay may be added 

That is fine just keep the following in mind:

  • The resort may not be exclusive to Husna guests outside of our dates
  • Menu may not be all Halal outside of our dates
  •  We cannot guarantee an alcohol free environment outside of our dates
  • The prices will vary, we are currently offering discounted prices not found anywhere for anyone wanting to arrive early

Mashallah the Husna experience goes beyond any star rating.  That being said Dreams Puerto Aventuras prides itself being a 5 diamond 4.5 start property.