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What our guests have to say

“Beach and Beyond is a memorable joyful time that started prior to the 5 days in Bahamas.

Husna team accompanied us in preparing for the trip. The program is packed with different fun activities for ladies, kids, and families. We would definitely come back Insha’Allah.”

Nawal Khattabi

Beach & Beyond 2019
Doha, Qatar

“My husband and I came without our kids to celebrate our 6th anniversary and we had a blast! The environment was cozy, wonderful brother and sisterhood, and the burgers. LOL! We’ll see you next year bi’idnillah Husna. Much love!"

Ahlam & Pasha Syed

Beach & Beyond 2019
Buffalo, NY

"This is our first year vacationing with Husna, WE are extremely impressed with every aspect. From the endless food to non-stop entertainment. Kids entertainment is so important to our kids and Husna has delivered just that. Inshallah we are looking forward to many more travels with you."

Zuman Khair

Beach & Beyond 2019
Toronto, Ontario

and many more..

Shariq Hamid - Toronto ON - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“First experience with Husna. Very much satisfied. Friendly and accommodating staff. We were in good hands. Right from the time we landed to our departure—VIP treatment.

My only complaint—the food was superb, have to go back and work off the weight I put on.

Keep up the good work. Great Muslim environment and great speakers. Would definitely go with Husna again and recommend to friends and family.”

Jamil Halim -New York City, NY - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Husna has given me an experience that I thought I would never be able to experience. Coming to the Bahamas has been a dream come true and it has also been spiritually rejuvenating. My wife and I loved this trip and will definitely look forward to coming again.”

Mahvash Baig - Houston, TX -2019 Beach & Beyond

“The best experience ever! From the people, staff, food, drinks, location, service, friendly faces, helpful people, I just can’t say enough good things about Husna, the staff yet again one of my favorite vacations and I felt like you’re a part of a family event. So kind, courteous, thoughtful etc. everything was so fun and beyond what any words can express.

A few times I was teary eyed to be a part of this amazing experience in the Bahamas for the second time. Salah on the beach and accommodations because of the weather were great!”

Sidra Rehan - Sayreville, NJ - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“I came upon Husna by chance and decided to attend the program on a whim. I had never heard of Husna before, but now my life has changed. This was the most organized Muslim event I have ever experienced. Every last detail was well thought of and every second of the day was memorable. I am in love with Husna and cannot wait to attend events in the future, Insha’Allah! Great job Husna team!!! Thank you!!”

Shermeen Hemani - Plane, TX - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“We had the most enjoyable vacation in a Muslim environment with no worries of people staring at us when we go in water with our burkinis.”

Leila Kassim - Sherman Oaks, CA -2019 Beach & Beyond

“I wish I had known about this a few years ago. It was our first, my family had an amazing experience from kids’ programs to outside activity. Insha’Allah our next family vacation will be with Husna again. Beautiful, amazing experience.”

Zakir Moizuddin - Westberg, NY - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“The event overall is very good, so is the hotel. The only problem is that it is too hard to choose which event to go to, when to sleep and what to eat from the food!”

Sulaiman Moola and Family - Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“We thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. The food was scrumptious. Hospitality was superb. The staff of the resort were pleasant and friendly. Activity was ample. We take back with us a memorable experience in all regards. Thank you to the Husna team.”

Fahad Ellahi & Hira Malick - Chicago, IL- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Being part of the Husna vacation travel destination allowed us to enjoy a wholesome halal family-friendly experience. Thank you for everything you did!

P.S. My mom absolutely LOVED everything and couldn’t stop thanking each and every staff member for their hard work and hospitality. The Breeze’s staff was also top notch. A++++!”

Baher Hamed- Denver, CO - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“This has been the best vacation ever for me and my family. Do it again. JazakumAllah Khairan.”

Wardah Arif - Libertyville, IL - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Alhamdulillah, we had one of the most memorable family vacations here at the Bahamas with Husna. We could have not asked for a more family friendly, halal, feel good trip that had something for all ages. We will definitely be back again Insha’Allah!

Thank you for the great memories, good food and wonderful company!”

Alina Abbas - Dallas, Texas - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“As a guest to the Husna Social Experience, I had a wonderful time in the Bahamas and wouldn’t spend my vacation anywhere else! The entertainment and experience make me want to come back every year. I loved how the beach was filled with fellow Muslims in modest clothing. Thank you for this adventure!”

Hassan Ubaidullah- Sacramento, CA - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“It was a great experience seeing Muslims from all over North America and spending time together like a family.

The best part of the whole experience was being able to enjoy the alcohol-free and halal menu, the beach was exclusive and filled with Muslims which made it a lot more comfortable tot take part in all the water activities. Overall, this was a wonderful event. Insha’Allah the Husna group is able to organize more events of this kind. JazakAllah khair to all of the organizers for their hard work.”

Mariam Olagunju - Edmonton, Alberta- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“A++ all around. The Husna team was pleasant from start to finish. The Breeze’s team was the icing on top! Great travel group, great food, and great atmosphere.”

Abu Siddique - Cambridge, MA - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“It is our fist time with Husna. From beginning to end everything is well planned. I am inviting everyone to experience this ultimate vacation. See you again and thank you Husna.”

Yaqoob Ashai - Elliott City, MD - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“It was my first visit to Bahamas and with Husna, over all experience is good. Kids enjoyed a lot and made some friends. Adults had the opportunity to relax the overall environment was very relaxed nobody got irritated if kids misbehaved. That was a very positive thing, I would highly recommend it in the future who is looking for a good time for their kids. Thank you Husna for providing the opportunity. My son is already asking if we can come again next year.”

Dawood Najmudin - Niagra Falls, ON - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Mashallah! Didn’t know what to expect when we landed but were immediately blown away by the level of organization. An absolutely amazing experience—would 100% recommend! A perfect balance of Islam, recreation, and bonding. By the second day everyone felt like family. The weather was initially raining but we honestly didn’t even have the mood dampened. May Allah (swt) bless and reward the organizers, staff and everyone who arranged this incredible experience!”

Mohammed Arif - Los Angeles, CA- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“This was a great event with excellent environment for halal entertainment and vacation. Best this was all Zabiha halal food, and water sport activities, salah with jama’ah and spiritual lectures by Sh. Suleman Moola. Nothing but excellent.”

Mohammed Ali - Surrey, BC - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“The friendships that were made and the uplifting spirit of our Deen can only be found in a halal vacation like this. Alhamdulilah!”

Sana Hemani - Plano, Texas - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“My experience in the Bahamas with Husna social was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The goal was to provide a halal family environment and I believe that the Husna Social team has accomplished the goal successfully.”

Abdullah Hafeez - Canton, MI - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“I cannot thank Husna enough for this wonderful Halal Muslim vacation. I encourage everyone to attend again and again. Alhamdulillah.”

Alam Family - Kitchener, ON - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“A wonderful family getaway, many beautiful memories made, lots of laughs and memorable moments in paradise!”

Mir Raza Brooklyn, New York - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Awesome halal Vacation. Rejuvenation for the body, mind, soul, and heart. Great for families. Many beach and water related activities for children and adults. High quality Islamic lectures. Highly recommend for all Muslim families.”

Jeren Hapyzova -Calgary, AB- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Great work Husna! May Allah reward you and bless you. Ameen! Please bring US package to different places, I’ll be very interested to come with my husband this time.”

Syed Masood MD - Raleigh, NC- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Tour and arrangements for hotel accommodations, tour and programs were very good.”

Mohammed Moizuddin - Westbury, NY- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Alhamdulillah this was by far the best vacation. We usually take 3 vacation trips a year. Many times our family just has fun on our own (Disneyland/cruise etc.) and its kind of the same routine to go around tour the local places (Spain/Turkey/ Italy/ Bosnia…) but here we were able to make friends, the kids especially. And Masha Allah the activities were amazing. Can’t wait make this a yearly routine Insha’Allah.

P.S. Please do not increase the price due to demand. We are already planning to share our experience with a lot of our friends and family and already gotten inquiries from a lot of friends in our masjid.” JazakAllah Khair, Ma’salam.

Mine Khan- Ottawa, ON- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Allah (swt) granted me so many opportunities for vacation with my extended family. This was the perfect vacation in a Muslim environment. I enjoyed so much with my husband, two children and their spouses and my seven lovely grandchildren. Lectures after salah’s were great.”

Laiba Nur - New York, NY- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“This whole experience was amazing. The Bahamas was a place that I’ve always wanted to travel to but was reluctant because of the non-Islamic atmosphere Husna has made one of my dreams come true!”

Maksuda Hafeez - Toronto ON 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Our first trip with Husna was exceptional, Alhamdulillah! This was a relaxing, fun filled, halalified trip.

It was awesome to see other Muslim brothers and sisters during our vacation. Everything was well-organized and modest.

We loved the fact that the food was ample and halal. We had access to lots of halal drinks all day.

Our kids enjoyed the sand, bouncy castles, friendly staff, and wonderful company. We met people from all over North America. The shows were family friendly and full of laughter. Thank you very much for initiating and doing this for our Muslim community. Looking forward to more trips with Husna Insha’Allah.”

Hina Abbasi - Paramus, NJ - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“This experience is extraordinary because it allows many who normally would never go on a beach vacation the chance to experience an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. It was wonderful to see niqabis, long beards and older aunties and uncles here. I felt comfortable being here with my children and parents and didn’t feel that I had to sacrifice my values for the sake of “fun”.

Alhamdulillah this was our second year and we hope to see you all year after year Insha’Allah!”

Yashmin Hanif - Toronto, ON - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Alhamdulillah! This trip is one for the books! We celebrated unity of an ummah and the connections we’ve felt during this trip was amazing. Seeing sisters and brothers from all parts of the world was amazing. Watching my two-year-old daughter excited and making friends waws such an experience, Jazakallah khair Husna travel and breeze’s resort for all your hard work and efforts.”

Humza - Houston, TX- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Husna provided an excellent retreat for physical recreation and spiritual fulfillment. It was such a joy to wake up daily and pray fajr in jama’ah and then reflect on the beach.”

Atiyah Variava - Toronto, ON - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Booking a trip with Husna was the best decision we made for our first mother-daughter vacation! We felt well taken care of throughout the 5 days. The Husna team went above and beyond in meeting our expectations, making this trip a very memorable one. I can’t forget to mention the loving atmosphere and warm-hearted individuals that were a part of this experience- it truly felt like a united ummah. Thank you for the incredible fun, happiness, and love. Until the next one Insha’Allah! 🙂 “


Hala Ubaid - Westbury, NY - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Our family had an amazing time at the Husna vacation at the Bahamas. Everything was well organized. Both the Husna staff and resort staff exceeded our expectations! Regular activities, entertainment, water sports, endless halal dining options, relaxation on the pristine beach, what more can you ask for?! All this while maintaining a sense of Muslim community.” Alhamdulillah!”

Batool Mohsin - Markham, ON- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“We came second time to Bahamas with Husna as our first experience was amazing.

My family had an awesome time. From Fajr to Isha reflection, salah on the beach, halal environment. Halal food available all the time. Everything was perfect. Loved the yoga classes by Sadaf in the morning. Sheikh Suleman Moola’s lectures were such an inspiration.  I feel so much rejuvenated after spending time here in Breezes. Hats off to Sheikh Hasan and Brother Asif and all the Husna team.”

Meryema Malic - Teaneck, NJ- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Husna vacations is the perfect experience for a Muslim family seeking an Islamic environment.”

Madinah Karatella - Toronto, ON- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“The Husna team puts so much effort and kindness into every aspect of their vacation that they have facilitated for everyone to enjoy. They were on the ground and actively accessible to all the guests and constantly helping their guests to make sure they were having the best time. They put their guests first and went out of their way to communicate with their guests and they put so much work into what they do. We cannot thank them enough.”

T.& A. Ouedraogo - East Orange, NJ- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Husna vacation Beach and Beyond 2019 was an absolutely amazing experience. Husna staff/volunteers were attentive accommodating and energetic. The resort was excellent. Each meal was delicious. Activities and excursions were awesome. To be able to experience this in a halal setting with our fellow brothers and sisters was priceless!!!”

Pooyan Najati - Toronto, ON - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Husna Travels to Bahamas is an exceptional intersection of spiritual, religious, fun, and luxurious experience. Both Husna staff and resort staff are extremely polite, professional, and quick to not only fulfill their duties but so above and beyond.”

Imran Khan -Paramus, NJ- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“For Muslims this is an experience that cannot be missed. Halal environment, halal food and entertainment and an opportunity to contemplate on the creating of
Allah by observing his signs.”

Murtaza Najmudin - Niagara Falls, ON- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“My first Husna experience was great. I totally felt like these people I’ve never met were like my family; to the point that due to several factors- when my luggage didn’t arrive, Asif Karatella literally gave me the clothes out of his suitcase. They truly treat you like family.”

Firdous Hussein- Markham, ON - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“The Husna Beach and Beyond experience was beyond my expectation! The halal food variety halal entertainment and spiritual programs made a perfect vacation. The beach view was phenomenal, and the connections made were very special. Insha’Allah we are looking forward to attend future Husna halal vacations.”

Sophia Shaikh - Dallas Fort Worth, TX- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Husna is a great place to relax and have fun. The water is refreshing, and the sand is calming. I wish everyday was like the days I spent at Husna 🙂  “

“Was our first time with the Husna vacations. The experience was very pleasant. Loved all the different activities available. Food was excellent as everything was Halal. LOTS OF VARIETY. The hosts and staff were very very pleasant. My wife was very excited, happy, and comfortable that she was able to swim with her burkini in the pool and in the ocean. It was very pleasing to hear the Adhan aloud.

Overall, 5 Star.”

Abir Turbichi - Denver, CO- 2019 Beach & Beyond


Amina Gomaa -Burlington, ON- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“We have enjoyed our time enjoyed our time so much at the Bahamas, as well as our little ones. This vacation is for all ages and both genders. We highly recommend joining Husna at one of their getaways. If you are looking for a place to take your family and be worry-free, take them to Husna vacation for a halal environment vacation. Trust me you will not regret it. Very organized, lots of activities and you won’t get bored!”

Mustafa Saeed - Farmingdale, NY- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“I highly recommend Husna holiday great food, entertainment, and friendly staff.”


Yasmeena Menon- Toronto ON - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Husna made this Journey of love, compassion, and excellence. Travel to enjoy. Was a rare and beautiful journey.”

Mubushar Raza - Long Island, NY- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Wow what an amazing experience! I am cannot wait until my next Husna experience! My daughter and wife felt comfortable throughout the entire experience/activities.”

Selma Najmudin- Niagara Falls, ON - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“The halal food is very delicious. The beach is beautiful, and the water sports are so fun, I recommend sailing and snorkeling. The staff are really nice I haven’t met a single one that was rude, and they are very helpful.”

Jordon, Kohor- Washington, MD - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“I loved staying with Husna. It was a slice of Jannah. Company of the believers, amazing scenery, delicious food, I don’t want to leave!”

Sana Shabazz -NYC, NY- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“The trip was so awesome. Everyone was friendly, kind and always smiling. There was good food, the staff was superb. Husna was well organized and everything was on point.”

Taha Khan- Markham, ON- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“The Husna Beach and Beyond experience was like no other. Warm atmosphere, a lot of great activities for everyone, and amazing halal food. Definitely coming back for the next Husna experience.”

Mariam Ali- NY- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“One of the best Muslim halal family-oriented vacation. I loved every moment. I tried the trapeze for the first time. I came with my family and we all had so much fun and are hoping to come again Insha’Allah. JazakumuAllahu Khairan for making this vacation so awesome and halal!! Thank you!!


May Allah reward everyone of you all”

Sadia Shah - Brampton, ON - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Husna is the new way to travel!!!”

Hoda Z- NY - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“I would like to thank Husna for a great experience we had. Everything was smooth and professionally done. Everyone in my family enjoyed the vacation very much. Very beautiful, clean, spiritual, inspiring, friendly…etc. environment.”

Yassin Jama - Toronto, ON- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Bahamas was my dream place for years and team Husna made my dream come true.”


Carmen Muslimah -Edgehill Orange, NJ- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“The experience has been wonderful, I did not expect this amount of fun, food selection, activities, sisterhood, brotherhood, Islamic taleems, and overall display of Islam. The Husna staff is very welcoming. Thank you so much for showing me and my companions a beautiful time. I hope to return another time Insha’Allah.”

Munajat Najmudin - Niagara Falls, ON - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Amazing. I was not expecting this trip to be as well thought out and as comfortable as it was. There was an endless supply of halal foods and snacks as well as activities, the staff and guests were always interacting and smiling with one another. Overall, this was a great experience—not only was it fun, but the after-salah session here was so beneficial.

Thank you Husna!”

Karizma and Yasein aka Patricia Bivens - NY, NY- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“I loved everything about this experience, it was very well organized. So much fun. Lots of love and patience from the entire Husna team and all the attendees of this event. Food was amazing, activities were accommodating for all ages. I am looking forward to any trip Allah will allow me to attend with Husna.”

Tooba Faridy Ontario, CA - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Thank you Husna for organizing this wonderful event. It was a privilege to attend the lectures of the respected Sulaiman Moola and Abdullah Hakim. JazakAllah for everything.”

Afshan Sayeed- Elliott City, MD- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Thank you Husna for providing this opportunity for Muslim families to get together at the Bahamas. My son will always remember the great time he had and the friends he made. We will have a lot of fond memories.”

Sabanura Ibrahim - Brampton, ON - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“First time booking and travelling to the Bahamas and Husna Travels. Staff are very friendly and quick to respond. Resort staff are very friendly and accommodating. The program and activities are really good. Loved that it is a halal environment!”

Latif Abdul Zahir- East Orange, NJ- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Amazing experience. Well organized and completely halal. Including all the activities. I will definitely encourage the others (Muslims) to be a part of this awesome gathering. Alhamdulilah.”


Muhammad Zakaria Khan- Ottawa, ON - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“In just one word it was awesome! May Allah help you.”

Reshma Sabur -Cambridge, MA- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“This was our first time traveling with Husna and Alhamdulillah it has been an amazing experience. We cannot wait to come back with other family members.”

Abdel Kerim ElKhatib - Mississauga, ON- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Thank you for your good work. Keep it up.”

Zakaria Shaikh - Dallas, TX - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Even when the weather isn’t ideal, I can always look forward to a warm and all-you-can-eat meal!”

Rafeena Samad - Toronto, ON- 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Best vacation ever. Home away from home and I don’t have to cook or clean. Once again words cannot describe how blessed we are. Thanks to the Husna team and their family for all the sacrifices. May Allah bless you all exponentially. Alhamdulillah.”

Anis Dolsa - Scarborough, ON - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“We had a fantastic experience with Husna. All halal options were awesome. Asif, Nabeela, and Hasan were always there to answer your questions. Resort and staff were excellent. 5-star service.”

Salwa Al Azem - London, ON - 2019 Beach & Beyond

“Very relaxing vacation, mentally, physically, and spiritually.”

Rukeiya Bhorat - Toronto Canada, 2017 Winter Classic Retreat

“Jazakallahokhairan to Br. Asif and all the organizers. We had lots and lots of fun. Going to pray in fajar with prayer mat, doing Salams to people you see on your way reminded me of going to Haram. We had total 4 of 6 person in each was booked. Inshaallah in 2017 we will bring more friends and family members. Jazakallah one more time.”

Amreen Kadwa - Toronto ON, 2017 Winter Classic Retreat

“2017 was my third year as part of Husna’s Deerhurst family When I first decided to go in 2015, we went in a small group of 6 cousins, who wanted a winter getaway. In our second year, we convinced our parents and extended family to come with us and had about 15 people in our group. This year, our group grew even larger to 20+ people with family and friends, with newcomers and returners alike. For many of us, the easiest and most practical way to deal with the bitter cold is to stay indoors. If you had told me three years ago that my (somewhat old) parents and aunts and uncles would be so excited for a weekend outdoors in the snow, I would’ve had a hard time believing it. Having fun in the winter weather was a non-existent concept for us youth, never mind our parents. I am so glad that an event like the Husna Winter Retreat came around with activities and events that are engaging and fun for all ages. This weekend at Deerhurst resort is our family’s favorite part about winter and I can’t wait for next years trip.

With such a large group of friends and family, it is never easy to plan an outing. However, signing up for the Husna retreat was only a click away. Next thing we knew, we were all gathered in Huntsville on Friday night unloading our vans and cars. As I saw all the vehicles pull in one after the other, I was overcome with excitement and eagerness as to how our weekend would unfold. The next few days were filled with spontaneous tobogganing runs, gigantic family potluck dinners, early mornings of prayer and solace and late nights playing board games with a room overflowing with family friends and laughter. There seemed to be an endless option of activities ranging from skating and show shoeing outdoors to curling up in bed and watching some TV. Although I totaled approximately 9 hours of sleep all weekend, I had the best time with my family and friends and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. This was definitely a much needed mini-vacation and we will be sure to return next year to a bigger and better event Inshallah.”

Humairah Shah - Toronto ON, 2017 Winter Classic Retreat

“Slopes. Solace. Salah. These three words truly encompass the purpose behind the Winter Classic Retreat. Husna has aptly described the experience in such simple terms, but one more word rounds them out and that is Community. The sense of community the two-day retreat instilled was a pleasant and welcome surprise. With this being our first year attending and not quite sure what to expect beyond a weekend of indulging in amazing (halal) food and relaxation, the communal atmosphere was an integral part of the experience. Husna went above and beyond in bringing together Muslims of all cultural backgrounds and ethnicities in an environment that was warm and welcoming. The significance of this cannot be understated especially in a time where coming together is more important then ever. It was not just about seeing familiar faces, but about bonding through shared experiences rooted by the connection of our faith.

The Winter Classic Retreat managed to strike the perfect balance of having enough organized events that served to both educate and inspire along with abundant opportunities to unwind and relax. From something as simple as praying Fajr in congregation to the anticipated dinner event, Husna ensured that our connective faith was at the forefront of the weekend. The women’s only events including yoga, swimming and tea helped to form bonds with one another in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. At the forefront of the weekend were the opportunities to truly profess how Canadian we were be it on the slopes, in a toboggan or on the ice. The weekend proved to be a chance to experience all that a winter resort has to offer in a way that only Husna could provide.

Reflecting on the weekend one cannot help but to smile. The retreat achieved everything it set out to do in an astonishingly organized manner. It managed to reawaken the spirit through relaxation and faith while also strengthening our sense of community and belonging. Such family-friendly occasions are rare and should be taken advantage of when given the chance. It is definitely an experience worth repeating and one that has proven to embody all that it set out to do: Slopes. Solace. Salah.”

Syeda Mehjabeen Ali - Brampton ON, 2017 Winter Classic Retreat

“When I heard about going to Winter Retreat in February, I as a senior thought “Oh, what are we going to do at ta resort in the winter time?!” My kids with their families were going so they convinced us too. So off we went.

What a beautiful place covered with snow and evergreens. After checking in, the first thing I heard was Azan for Jummah in the mountains of Muskoka. When you start something with Allah’s blessing Allah SWT will put his rahma and barakah in it . After jumah prayer fun began. My husband and I sat in the lounge watching children laughing and bubbling with excitement and rushing towards different outdoor activities.

I felt so relaxed and happy. My thoughts went back to eighties when my children were growing up here, they didn’t get this kind of fun in winter while following islamic ways, we tried as much as we can. Alhumdolillah those children of eighties are all grown up now and working hard to give their children the opportunities within their own community while following their faith where they feel blessed and like they belong.

We did long walks, enjoy the beautiful slopes of mountains covered with snow, and I love that sisters “tea party”, old and young all had fun. Yoga in the morning for sisters is much needed for our community.

Fajr prayer is the best time. After Fajr we sat doing dua , zikr ,tilawat, while watching the golden sunrise on the white slopes from the hall’s large windows. It felt like Allah SWT was showering his rahma upon us then we all prayed, Salat -ul -ishraq.

Brother Asif and his wife really worked hard and organized the programs well. Alhumdolillah they even managed to get halal food in all the resort’s restaurants. Mashallah fresh Dates from Madina were being served all three days. Saturday night dinner was excellent!

We got to meet some old friends and made some new friends as well. There were lots of prizes given. Deerhurst resort staff was very friendly and helpful.

We didn’t do all those activities but being there watching our future generations of muslim ummah enjoying in a good islamic manner is a relief. The curtains were up new friendship were being made. I find solace ,unity, love among all. Jazakallah khayr to all the organizers.”