Some Example of our Kids Program

Hurray for

Baba Ali

Special Guest

We are excited to be partnering with Baba Ali for the ultimate Islamic knowledge quiz show!

Baba Ali - Muslim stand up comedia and kids show actor

Sand Castle Building Contest

It’s time to let your creativity shine! Build the ultimate sandcastle of your dreams. But, you have to think fast! You’ve got limited time to show your architectural and building skills. Team up with your friends and teammates, use your wildest imaginations, and let’s see who wins for the best sandcastle!

Balloon Wars

Roll up your sleeves kids. It’s time for a battle…of water balloons! Test your strength, muscles and funny bones on a friendly tournament of H2O FUN!! Get your wetsuits on. It’s survival of the fittest. Let the games begin!

Treasure Hunt

Join us on our guided treasure hunt! We’ll be scavenging through the resort, sifting through unchartered territories, discovering exotic creatures and uncovering treasures along the way. Be prepared for a journey through the Caribbeans on the lookout of hidden treasures that await!

Tug Of War

Get ready for your next beach challenge. Sand between your toes, sun on your face and loads of laughter! It’s a true test of your strength and team-building skills. Which side will win? We’ll only know when you give it all you got. Meet you at the sands pits!

Air Hockey Tournament

Face off Circle and Centerline for Tournament Play! Intense focus, fast reflexes, and a good strategy are what you need to win it all. Do you have what it takes to win the Ultimate Air Hockey Tournament?

Splash Zone

Splash Zone offers a new waterpark experience with a safe and friendly outdoor environment. It’s the ultimate playground where you can splash, climb, jump and slide while making the best memories with your family and friends!

PJ's Party

Get your PJ’s on. Come together and party the night away. Share a night of fun and laughter with friends 

Face Painting

Transform into your favourite character or animal. We’ve got loads of ideas to choose from. Have your face painted with colourful designs by one of our artists. Look out for our face painting stations on the resort. Pick a new design each day!

3 Point Competition

Have your try at your basketball skills in this fun competition. Make as many goals as possible in one minute. You’ll move along the 3-point arc positions and show what you’ve got! Time is running out, though! How many shots can you make in 60 seconds??

Beach Volleyball

Get your game on with a fun-filled tournament of beach volleyball! Get ready to have sand between your toes (and our hair!) by the ocean waters as you compete with other of sporty kids. It’s takes team effort! Create a strategy that will win you through the end. Go, go, go!

Sandy Beach Game

Get ready for some sandy fun! We’ve got stations ready for rounds of Ring Toss, Beach Golfing, Horse Shoe Throwing! Move your way around the course and see how many points you can score. The team with the highest score wins with a some exciting prizes. Yay!

Frisby Football

A fun fusion of two great sports! You have two teams competing with one another. The objective is to pass the frisby to your teammates and reach your goal on the other side of the field before your opponents take it from you! Work with your team to create clever defense moves to dodge your oppositions attempts to snatch frisby. Highest scores wins!