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A special thank you to all our special guests

Sister Sadaf JAMAL

Move N Improve Canada (MNIC) is a non-profit, proudly Canadian organization offering physical, mental and spiritual health empowerment services to youth and women, founded by Sadaf Jamal. MNIC is honored to stand for global citizenship taking sustainable initiatives to make the world more equal, all-inclusive and fair place.

Sister Hafsa Khizer

Hafsa Khizer is an award winning, Toronto based Digital / Visual artist, Photographer, and founder of The Reminder Series Islamic Art Shop. She uses art as an expressive and healing modality to connect with others using her work, and teaches art workshops throughout Canada. Her work has been featured in major exhibitions in Toronto and internationally.

Gibraltar Leadership Academy

he Gibraltar Leadership Academy strives to instil Islamic character in our students, ensuring their development as socially responsible citizens of Canada.
We diligently prepare our youth to excel in all areas of life, with a particular focus on academics and extra-curricular opportunities.

Shaykh Shoaib Wardak

Shaykh Shoaib Wardak was born in Afghanistan, and later emigrated to Canada. His commitment to the sacred sciences began early in his life when Allah blessed him with the ability, by age 14, to complete the memorization of the Holy Quran. He then pursued farther, and began his rigorous 6-year Alim course at Jaamiah-al-Uloom Al-Islamiyyaah in Ajax, Canada.

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