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Being in high demand, Ali has been travelling the world doing stand-up to a wide range of Muslim and non-Muslim audiences. He has spent the past two years travelling to over 30 cities and has performed all over the US, UK and Canada. Performing for audiences as large as 37,000 and for all ages including youth as young as nine.

Imam Khalid Latif

Imam Khalid Latif is the University Chaplain for New York University and Executive Director of the Islamic Center at NYU.
He was appointed the first Muslim chaplain at NYU in 2005. He was also appointed the first Muslim chaplain at Princeton University in 2006. Spending a year commuting between these two excellent institutions, he finally decided to commit full-time to New York University’s Islamic Center where his position was officially institutionalized in the spring of 2007.


Dubbed the “voice of a generation,” Boonaa Mohammed is a critically acclaimed award winning writer and performer with accolades including a playwright residency at Theatre Passe Muraille, a short story published in a Penguin Canada anthology called “Piece by Piece” and various slam poetry titles credits including winner of the 2007 CBC Poetry Face-Off “Best New Artist” award.

Sister Sadaf JAMAL

Move N Improve Canada (MNIC) is a non-profit, proudly Canadian organization offering physical, mental and spiritual health empowerment services to youth and women, founded by Sadaf Jamal. MNIC is honored to stand for global citizenship taking sustainable initiatives to make the world more equal, all-inclusive and fair place.

Chris Blauvelt

Chris Abdur Rahman Blauvelt is a passionate Muslim American entrepreneur committed to building up the global Muslim community to reach its full potential. Chris is the CEO & founder of LaunchGood.com, the world's largest faith-inspired crowdfunding platform which has raised over $350 million across 152 countries from 1+ million users.

Arsalan Iftikhaar

Arsalan Iftikhar is an international human rights lawyer, global media commentator and author of the new book FEAR OF A MUSLIM PLANET: Global Islamophobia in the New World Order. Arsalan has been a faculty member at Georgetown University, a Senior Research Fellow for The Bridge Initiative, an adjunct professor of religious studies at DePaul University and he is a proud member of the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) and Reporters Without Borders

Amany Killawi

Social worker turned social entrepreneur, Amany is the Co-Founder & COO at LaunchGood.com: A crowdfunding platform to support Muslims launching good all over the world by helping them raise funds for their projects, campaigns, and creative ideas. Amany has been listed as Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Female Founders for 2020 in the community builders category.

Nabeel Shariff

Nabeel is a chartered, award-winning marketer and leading Islamic economy spokesperson. Nabeel is an experienced entrepreneur, establishing Rihaala.com, Serendipity Tailormade and today is spearheading the GMW. A passionate traveller, an avid golfer and a learn-on-the-job dad, Nabeel has also been cited in the Islamica500 and Emerald100.

Omar Hamid

Omar Hamid is a cofounder of Launch Good and his journey started in late high school, as he kicked off his design career by starting his own agency - that’s right - during high school. The design agency turned out to be a stunning success, and all was well and good, until Omar got his most engaging project yet - the LaunchGood website

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