A message from the founders

Sheikh Hasan
Founder of Husna


I pray my message finds you in good health and good spirits.

As we currently find ourselves in uncertain times, I wanted to see how you are doing?  How are your loved ones? 

When we started to learn about the realities of the COVID-19 Pandemic and all the uncertainties surrounding it, I found myself feeling down.  With the passing of time, however, I became increasingly confident that Allah will never cease to be kind with his believing servants.

When I founded husna.com back in 2011, I wanted it to be a platform for goodness, hence the name “husna”. 

It was not long after, I was fortunate to meet Asif, Mashallah. Together, in great unison along with our team, we have had the great privilege to serve you and become a means of bringing husna into your lives.  We are forever grateful!

As we continue to learn more about COVID-19, it is apparent that Beach & Beyond, East Africa and all future trips are put on hold. However, we are still committed to bringing husna into as many lives as possible in whichever way we can.

Asif and I are eager to connect with you and hear how you are doing. We are also looking into ways we can use our database and platform to help our brothers and sisters during these times.

Finally, many of you, your friends and family are facing the Pandemic as frontline workers, serving humanity firsthand. We cannot thank you enough! I sincerely pray to Allah to keep you and all of your loved ones safe and healthy. May he continue to bless us all with His afiyah.

Stay Safe!

Sincerely your brother,