Sobia’s Top 10 Things For The Bahamas!

Salaam Husna Travellers! We have less than 1 week to go. I know you are all eager to make an escape from the dreary cold winter. Hang in there, your departure date is almost here, inshallah! The Bahamas is filled with unique gems you’ll want to explore while you’re on the islands. There is something […]

Adventure Awaits! No time to waste!

Assalamu Alaykum Husna Travellers! Welcome to the Husna Family! We’re so happy to have you! My name is Sobia Hussain and I’ll be your exclusive Husna Travel & Excursion Representative. You’ll be hearing from me weekly with all the exciting adventures and exploration awaiting you in the Bahamas, inshallah. We’ve got less than a month […]