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Leaving behind a legacy for generations

It is part of why we do what we do here at Husna Vacations. Along with creating positive experiences for families and individuals, we want for our conscious travelers to have the opportunities to reach out and give back to the communities we visit. In numbers, we can make great change and leave an impact, together. At our Beach & Beyond Vacation, we will also have some amazing opportunities to make a difference and leave a legacy for the locals. With Husna even your vacation is a Sadaqah!

Hikmah Center


Mexico City, Mexico

Practicing Islam in Mexico is a real struggle. In a population of 160 million, Muslims in Mexico are a true minority who need our help and attention.

Riviera Maya Quran


Join us in completing the Quran

During our stay in Bahamas, our guests participated in completing one entire Quran in the Bahamas. We hope the blessings that come from that was beneficial for travelers and locals alike. Feel free to join us in the completion of at least one Quran this time in the Mexican Riviera Maya Dec 18-23 2021

Here are some ways our Guests have given back in the past

Masjid Restoration


The only masjid in Bahamas

Bahamas has only one masjid. This community space needs structural improvements to help enrich the lives of our Bahamian brothers and sisters. In our first trip (Jan 2019) Mashallah we raised $7,942.55 for the local community (without even having to ask).

Scholar Share


Blessed with scholars in

We were truly blessed to have several respectable scholars and special guests join us on our previous trips. Alhamdulilah in the little time they had so generously offered to share their wisdom and knowledge with our travelers and the local communities for our Outreach Program. Making connections and having conversations opens doors to understanding.

Hurricane Relief


Being together in difficult times

Although our past vacation destination , the entire island of Nassau and most of the Bahamas were not effected by Hurricane Dorian, there were some islands that were significantly hit. Husna had been actively involved in relief efforts from the day hurricane Dorian hit.

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