Husna, LLC takes great pride in providing our Guests with a family environment. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all our Guests, and to observe the Islamic principles and values it is important and required for all our Guests to respect the following rules:

  • Smoking marijuana or other illegal substances is strictly prohibited at any time.
  • Drinking alcohol is not permitted at any time, anywhere on the resort.
  • Hanging any clothing, towels, bedding or other similar items over or on balconies is not permissible.
  • Throwing or placing any items outside of the rooms is prohibited.
  • No littering
  • Proper attire, in accordance with Islamic guidelines, is required at all times. Husna, LLC reserves the right to remove any person wearing attire that we consider inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests (at our discretion). Such inappropriate attire includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Sisters are prohibited from wearing any two-piece bikinis or one-piece non-Islamic swimsuits.
    • Brothers must always wear, at minimum, a tank-top and appropriate length shorts. Speedos are prohibited.
  • Respectful behaviour towards other Guests and resort staff is expected and required at all times. Please show common courtesy to your fellow Guests by not using any profanity, or partaking in any unsafe, illegal or offensive behaviour, including, but not limited to physical or verbal abuse, or acts that can cause discomfort to other Guests.

    Please note, our behaviour is a reflection of our faith. Alhumdulillah, we have received positive feedback from our previous trips and have even, through the acts of our Guests, had staff at visited resorts find their path to Islam, Alhumdulillah. This blessing can only be achieved by our actions and adherence to the Islamic principles.

  • Please allow our special guests/guest speakers to enjoy their trip with their family without disruption and constant interaction. Please be respectful of their time with their families.
  • Please be respectful of our Guests’ privacy; no Guest shall take a picture or video, or post such picture or video, of another Guest without their consent.
  • Respect the environment and all animals. Feeding, petting, touching, harassing or harming any wildlife, including birds, sea turtles, is strictly prohibited.


Please note:

  • Husna, LLC may photograph, film, videotape, record or reproduce images and/or voices of any Guest and use the same for any purpose without payment to any Guest.
  • Husna, LLC reserves the right to require any Guest to leave or prevent from participating in any Husna, LLC activities, without refund, liability or compensation of any kind, for failure to comply with any of the rules, for unsafe, illegal or offensive behaviour, to ensure safety, security of others, or if Husna, LLC considers that the circumstances so require, in our sole discretion.