Beach & Beyond 2023

January 5 - 10, 2023

1. BEFORE You Board

1. Ensure your Passports and travel documents are valid.
A passport is required to travel. Legal US & Canadian Residents (also citizens) DO NOT REQUIRE A VISA to visit Bahamas.  HOWEVER If you are in the US or Canada on a work visa etc. you may be required to obtain a visit visa for the Bahamas depending on your nationality. 

VERIFY IF YOU NEED VISA                                     

2. Be familiar with check- in timings: (Jan 5 2023 4pm).

3. Complete and submit all Waivers.:

4. Give Yourself enough time to get to your airport of departure.  Bahamas is considered an international flight.  For those checking in at the airport you will have to go through the international desks, so give yourself enough time.
Step 2: Waivers
Have everyone in your party over 18 years to sign the waiver.


2. In The Air & Arrivals

1. Bahamas Immigration Disembarkation / Embarkation Card
During your flight (most times the latter part of your flight) you will be given a Bahamas Immigration Disembarkation/ Embarkation Card.  This must be filled out with a black or blue pen, so keep one with you.  Very easy. You will give this card to the immigration officer and you do not have to retain any portion of this card.  To the best of our knowledge this cannot be filled out online. It will ask you to write passport number, flight number etc.. For the address just put "Breezes Resort" 

2. Immigration & Customs
Once you land you will:

A. First proceed towards immigration by following the signs to baggage claim. This is where you will give your Bahamas Immigration Disembarkation/Embarkation Card to the officer. Again very easy Inshallah.  Simply let them know you are here on vacation. 

B. Once you have passed through customs you will proceed downstairs to collect your luggage. Keep an eye on the information screen as luggage carousels can change quite frequently. 

C. Once you have collected your luggage you will proceed towards the exit through customs where you will most likely be greeted by our staff. 

3. Take a taxi to Breezes Resort
The travel time is approximately 9 - 13   minutes from NAS to the BREEZES resort.  And the cost is approximately $30 -$50 depending on the number of people and luggage.  Cash is easier and preferred. 

For large groups please Email us


Normal check-in time is 4:00pm however if your room is ready Breezes resort will welcome you to check-in early.

Once you arrive if your room is not ready you can still utilize the resort and start your vacation, using all the common areas, restaurants, beach , everything inshallah!

Also be sure to stop by the Husna welcome desk when you arrive.

When departing, you have to clear your incidentals (e.g. spa, gift shop and laundry etc.) and check out by 11:00am but can still use the resort areas the entire day!

There are no longer any apps or forms that are required to be completed prior to arrival or departure.

We are looking forward to hosting you in January Inshallah! Having these 3 steps set and organized will help you when it’s time to vacation. We are here to assist you if you have any questions.