August 11 2022
Although all fees are be paid in advance at the time of booking (“Fees”), should a Guest look to cancel their booking, please carefully read our Refund & Cancellation Policy.
– THE ONLY WAY TO ENSURE A REFUND IN CASE OF CANCELLATION IS BY PURCHASING THIRD PARTY TRAVEL COVERAGE OR TRAVEL INSURANCE.  Usually this can be purchased after you secure your booking with Husna Vacations (Husna LLC).
Should a Guest cancel at anytime they must refer to their third party coverage to obtain a refund.
Similarly please note, no refunds are issued for early returns or room type changes after guests have checked in.
 Please note, Husna, LLC does not work with any insurance carrier. Guests are to speak directly with their travel insurance company on their specific policies and coverages.

A Few Points To Keep In Mind

Age Requirements

All ages are assessed at the time of travel, not the time of booking. All guests under 18 years of

age must be accompanied by an adult (18 years of age or older).

Room Occupancy

Room occupancy is based on the total number of guests assigned to one room. Two guests
sharing one room is referred to as Double Occupancy. Three guests sharing one room is
referred to as Triple Occupancy. One guest in a room is referred to as Single Occupancy.

Required Documents

For residents of the US and Canada, official information can be found on the US and Canadian
Department of State website for passport and travel requirements. As of January 23, 2007, valid passports are required for all air and sea travel to or from The Bahamas. These and other requirements are based on the travelers originating country, so please refer to the travel policies and requirements based on your country of residence. A valid passport is required for all guests of Breezes Bahamas at time of check-in for age verification.

Travelers with Disabilities

Should you require accessible accommodations for a physical disability, please contact our
reservation specialists to discuss your needs. Some guest rooms and facilities at Breezes
Bahamas can accommodate wheelchairs. We are unable to confirm or guarantee accessibility
accommodations from airlines, airports or other transportation providers. Please contact those

entities directly for arrangements.