Travelers face coverings-mask are optional. Physical distancing will not be required during indoor activities unless required by the local regulations. Travelers may be required to wear a face covering during some indoor activities. Travelers are not required to physical distance indoors while wearing masks. Face coverings are optional during outdoor activities and physical distancing outdoors is only required when stated by the local regulations. Guests must use a face covering-mask while in shared transportation (safari vehicles) with other guests not part of your family. Capacity during shared transportation in safari vehicles has been limited to 5 persons to obtain some distancing and reduce the spread of infections. Families in 1 vehicle are not required to wear a mask or face covering. Face coverings are not required when eating or drinking, or when participating in water activities, excursions or local attractions. (Please not that all points listed are subject to change at any time based on local and international regulations). Husna staff and tour staff must also follow guidelines for face covering and physical distancing throughout the trip.